Sunday, 14 April 2013

Historical artifacts and Hollywood memorabilia at bargain prices in India

Quite a few people in India have started taking an interest in buying collectibles & memorabilia for the purpose of home décor or just as a hobby. Catering to this growing niche is an India-based company called Collectors Heritage which has set up its very own e-store a few months ago.

History artifacts
The artifacts available at the e-store include those from ancient Greece, the Renaissance era, the age of the Vikings, the American Civil War years, etc. Items include sculptures, statues, suits of armour, swords, period clothing of bygone eras, etc.

Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility
Hollywood memorabilia
The items from Hollywood movies include interesting products like Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility, the ring from Lord of the Rings, the savior sword from Gladiator, etc.

Return Policy: a 15-day return policy is offered.
Contact Information
Ph: +91-120-4018800 (9am - 6pm IST)