Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cost of flats at bargain prices in 2014 MHADA Housing Scheme lottery

MHADA has updated the details of the 2014 lottery for its low budget homes. The homes are available both of the Mumbai Housing Board as well as of the Konkan Housing Board. The homes will be available for outright sale through a lottery scheme, the application for which will begin online on April 15th, 2014. For more details on how to submit application and Helpline contact number refer: 2014 MHADA lottery online application process.

Updated on 30/05/2014: MHADA has reduced the cost of some of the homes. Please refer to the revised price rates at: 

Price and Area of flats of Mumbai Housing Board

Mumbai Board Tenements

Scheme No.LocationIncome GroupBuiltup area (sq.mts.)Carpet area (sq.mts.)Approx. CostEMD + cost of form
303Vinoba Bhave Nagar, KurlaLIG36.78325.00203830025200
304Pratiksha Nagar, Sion(Phase4)MIG58.03240.613318360050200
305Magathane, BorivaliEWS37.2425.00146450015200
306Shailendra Nagar, DahisarHIG12578.50809850075200
307Kolhekalyan, SantacruzHIG10669.00792390075200
308Tungwa, PowaiMIG52.07928.43488650050200
309Tungwa, PowaiHIG71.26744.307752270075200


Price and Area of flats of Konkan Housing Board

Konkan Board Tenements
Scheme No.LocationIncome GroupBuiltup area (sq.mts.)Carpet area (sq.mts.)Approx. CostEMD + cost of form
256Virar - BolingLIG61.530.68261990915200
257Virar - BolingMIG100.761.70 + 2.07 (dry balc.)502161425200
258Vengurla, Dist SindhudurgLIG-151.9933.80123564215200
259Vengurla, Dist SindhudurgLIG-249.8932.44118573215200
260Vengurla, Dist SindhudurgMIG-171.9648.51206270025200
261Vengurla, Dist SindhudurgMIG-266.7645.00191364425200
262Vengurla, Dist SindhudurgHIG105.4573.45327238950200