Saturday, 24 September 2016

Navratri Kediya sets for boys and men at bargain prices

One of the main aspects of the Navratri festival of India are the folk dances, for which people dress up in the traditional garments to attend dandiya and garba events. For boys and men the attire consists of what is called Kediya, worn atop a pair of tightly fitting trousers and a colourful waistband. Ethnic caps and footwear can also be worn to complete the picture.

The Kediya or Kediyu
This piece of garment is essentially a coat which fits up to just above the waist level. It generally has a round neck and long sleeves, but some do come sleeveless. There are pleated frills on the back and rear side of the coat. The most beautiful part is the colourful, delicate embroidery which enhances the entire coat. It appears on the chest side and, in some garments, on the entire back side as well. The coat does not have traditional buttons, but is closed with slightly thick threads tied up in little bows.

The rest of the garment comprises of trousers that fit snugly on the legs, with a slight flare around the hips and with pleats folding over the ankles. The waistband, known as Kamarbandha, is like a triangular scarf. Some are printed, others are embroidered, with most have some pretty beads or tassels hanging from the edges.

Check out these hot-selling Kediyas for boys and men:

The yellow and red combo attire for boys in the image on the left has a kedia and dhoti, the kediya having a slight stand-up collar and mirror work with embroidery on the right side of the chest. There is no embroidery on the back though

It is available for ages 3 months to 2 years. Price: Rs.1,299/-.

If you are looking for the stereotype colour of blue (like the stereotype association of the pink colour with girls, which was realistically depicted in the film Pink), then check out the attire on the right.
It is a blue and black combo and, like the one above, it has mirror work with embroidery.  The trousers has a silver edge to it. It is available for ages 2 years to 6 years. Price: Rs. 1,299/-

For those with a lower budget, you can opt for the Valia's Baby Boys' Cotton Kediya Suit (see image below). The price range as per the size is from Rs.1000/- to Rs. 1,300/-, for ages 2 to 14 years. Use the size chart provided by the seller to select the right fitting garment.

The fully stitched Kedia-Churidar menswear shown below is very rich in design. It is of free size, with the Kediya length being 30" and chest size and 44". The trousers length is 42". Price: Rs.2,700/- + Rs.50/- delivery charges


The red and white combo attire is A&E Men's embroidered Kediyu Chudidar Pajama set shown in the image below is priced at Rs. 2,996/-.

Looking for white Navratri attire? Check these out:

Price: Rs.2,987/-

 Price: Rs. 4,986/- 

Important Tips
  • It is advisable to inspect the garments as soon as you receive it. You can return it on the spot if you do not like the product. 
  • The seller will not guarantee that the colour won't bleed on washing/fade. It would therefore be a good idea to buy a liquid colour fastener and use that when washing it for the first time after wearing. Most sellers advise to only dry clean the garments.
  • You cannot return garments that are altered later