Sunday, 16 June 2013

Prestige kitchen appliances bargain exchange offer

Prestige is having a special 'Anything for Anything' exchange offer with bargain discounts. This is a great opportunity for you to exchange any old kitchen appliance of any brand in any condition for a brand new Prestige product of your choice. The offers are available up to 30th June 2013.

The Exchange Offers
  • On pressure cookers: 14-39% off
  • On cookware: 21-57% off
  • On induction cook-tops (without offer pack): 36-41% off
  • On mixer grinders: 26-41% off
  • On gas stoves: 31-41% off
  • On rice cookers: 32-41% off
  • On kitchen hoods and hobs: 27-35% off
  • On small kitchen appliances (e.g. toaster): 18-63% off
So get ready for a smarter kitchen! 

To locate your nearest Prestige Service Centre and avail of these great offers, SMS 'prestige service in <city name>' to 90088 90088

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